Android MirrorOp Sender FAQ


Q1: Where can I download software MirrorOp Receivers for testing?


A: You are able to download software receivers from the following link.


Q2: Does the Android MirrorOp Sender support my smart TV?


A: No. The Android MirrorOp Sender only supports MirrorOp compatible devices. Most smart TVs cannot support MirrorOp. However, if you are able to install Android app in your smart TV, you can try to install Android MirrorOp Receiver to make it become MirrorOp compatible. Android MirrorOp Receiver can be found here:


Q3: My MirrorOp Sender cannot find MirrorOp Receiver on my Windows 7/8. How can I check and fix?


A: Please follow the steps below.

1.    Make sure your sender and receiver are in the same (Wi-Fi) LAN.

2.    Go to Control Panel à Windows Firewall

3.    Select “Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall”.

4.    Check all checkboxes for MirrorOp Receiver and press OK.

5.    Restart the windows MirrorOp Receiver for testing.


Q4: I cannot find receivers because my network blocks broadcast packet. Can I connect it manually?


A: Yes. In the device searching screen, press MENU key and select “Connect manually”.


Q5: I don’t know “Login name” and “Login code” when I want to do manually connection.


A: You can input any login name you like or keep default value. Login code should be filled if the receiver enables login code and displays on its own screen. If you cannot read any login code from the receiver, just keep it blank.


Q6: When playing, the mirror orientation is incorrect. How can I correct it?


A: In the Play/Stop screen, press MENU key and select “Angular Correction”. Try to choose one proper degree to fix/compensate the deviation.



Q7: The default setting of “Rotate” is “Auto”. How does it work?


A: Auto rotation means sender will detect the degree of foreground app and mirror screen with the same orientation.


Q8: The mirror quality is not good. How can I improve it?


A: In the Play/Stop screen, press MENU key. Select “Max resolution” or “Quality” to change the settings. Usually, higher resolution and quality will make better quality but worse performance.



Q9: The mirror performance is not good. How can I improve it?


A: There are many factors about the question:

1.    CPU speed: High speed CPU usually plays a better performance.

2.    Current system status: Background loading may cause the performance poor.

3.    Max resolution in the setting: To change to lower resolution can increase the performance.

4.    Quality in the setting: To change to lower quality may increase the performance.

5.    Wi-Fi status: Wi-Fi status is a very important factor, so please keep Wi-Fi clean and stable when mirroring.

6.    Image Codec in the setting: If your android version is 4.1 or above, you have an option to change the image codec. To change it may also help perform better.

7.    Android system design from different manufactures: Different devices have different performance because their implementation will also straightly affect the behavior of the sender.


Q10: My android becomes slower when mirroring. Is it normal?


A: Yes. MirrorOp sender keeps running as a service when mirroring. It will occupy the CPU time hence cause this situation. In 4.4 or above, you are able to change the image codec to “Fast (H.264)” to decrease that impact.


Q11: Should I change “Image Codec” to “Fast (H.264)”?


A: From Android 4.1, you are able to change the codec setting to “Fast (H.264)” which will adopt hardware encoder to enhance the performance. After 4.4, the enhancement will be more significant and the impact to the system will also be smaller.

However, according to our observation, this setting may cause unstable on some android devices. Hence, we suggest you to try the setting to see if there is any issue using it. You can compare the performance with “Standard (JPEG)” to decide whether you want to keep the setting or not.


Q12: When playing, why is my virtual keyboard gone?


A: When you start to use mouse/keyboard on receiver side in a mirror session. The virtual keyboard will be disabled because mouse/keyboard on receiver side will be treat as a physical input device so virtual keyboard on sender side is not necessary anymore. However, in option menu, you still be able to disable the remote control feature to make the virtual keyboard visible.


Q13: Does Android MirrorOp Sender support audio mirroring?


A: Android MirrorOp Sender starts to support audio mirroring from 4.4 and higher. However, we noted that not all 4.4+ devices can support that because some manufactures do not add the audio source we need in their devices.


Q14: Mirroring is stopped immediately after going to home screen.


A: Please uncheck the option:

SettingsàDeveloper OptionsàDon’t keep activities.


Q15: How long can I use a sender which is not licensed?


A: If your receiver is not recognized as a paid receiver and the sender is non-licensed, you can use at most 5 minutes per mirroring session (starting to count after switching to the other app). You can return to sender’s play/stop screen and then the counter will be reset. Therefore, you always be able to use it but need to return to sender every 5 minutes.


Q16: I want to buy a license and register. What should I do?


A: Please follow the steps below.

1.    Press MENU key in the device searching screen and select Register.

2.    Press Buy now.

3.    A dialog will remind you to confirm the internet connection is OK.

4.    Google Play In-App-Billing dialog will pop up.

5.    Input your password.

6.    Billing process will be finished in few seconds.

7.    A dialog will pop up to inform you the process is finished. Server has sent a mail with a license key to you. The license key will be also filled in the text edit.

8.    Press Register button.

9.    After few seconds, register is finished.


Q17: The purchasing was completed but a dialog as below told me I did not get the key. What can I do?


A: This error often occurs when the registration server is out of service or the device cannot connect to the server through the current network.

Please follow the steps below:

1.    Try to change to other network. (Mobile network or your home network which will not block any port.) Make sure your internet connection is available.

2.    Start MirrorOp and press MENU key in the first screen. Select Reigster.

3.    A dialog should pop up automatically and a mail with license key will be sent to you. If an error dialog pops up again, please contact

4.    Check your gmail and do register.


Q18: When should I do deregister?


A: The latest version allows you to overwrite the old registration record using the same license key, so you do not need to deregister any key. Note that if you confirm to overwrite the old record, the license record on your old device will be cleaned so it will not be treated as a licensed version anymore.


Q19: My license key mail was lost. How can I find my key back?


A: Press MENU key in the device searching screen and select “Register”. Input the same email address which you used to buy before in the bottom edit box. Press “Find My Key”. If your address is correct, you will receive a mail with your license key.


Q20: How can I send a problem log?


A: Please follow the steps below:

1.    Make sure the Gmail of this handheld/tablet is enabled.

2.    Do some operations which cause problems.

3.    Back to the Device Searching Screen

4.    Press MENU key and select "Send Problem Log".

5.    Send it.